About Immediate Genesis

Immediate Genesis Development Team

Finding the right information in the world of investing can be difficult, especially for normal people with little or no background in finance. There is a clear need to link potential learners with the relevant learning institutions that can offer them the appropriate resources and tools they need to get started. This need is what gave birth to Immediate Genesis. This website came to be and was created by a group of people who innovated and wanted to satisfy this need. Our team came up with a straightforward and attractive solution: a free website where people from all walks of life can simply contact and interact with various investment education organizations in the world of investing. In essence, Immediate Genesis acts as a bridge between knowledge hungry individuals and institutions dedicated to the propagation of said knowledge on investing.

Exploring The Role of Immediate Genesis

Any act of investing implies some level of risk. Even the most knowledgeable investors can only manage that risk; they cannot completely remove it. Market volatility and other factors can result in massive losses. Therefore, having the appropriate education knowledge is critical in order to make informed financial decisions. However, accessing the right educational materials can be costly, especially for people who do not know where to look. Immediate Genesis is a low cost way to acquire the required knowledge. This website provides a portal for people who desire to better their understanding of economic and financial principles in relation to the world of investment.

Our Partnership with Investment Education Firms

We have collaborated with many reputable investment education firms in order to bring to you the knowledge and education you seek. These education firms are world renowned with many past students and clients going on to become business and world leaders.