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What Is Immediate Genesis?

Immediate Genesis is a website and a simple solution that connects and bridges the divide between people who want to learn more about the world of investments and those dedicated to teaching them. The world of finance is quite vast and it can be a bit daunting for the novice seeking an entry into this field. There is so much to learn about, from stocks and how the stock market operates to fixed Income bonds to online trading and forex. The possibilities are endless and sometimes it can get complicated finding your niche. This is where Immediate Genesis comes in. We help you find the right investment education firm that fits your needs. Although we do not offer to teach you about investment ourselves, we can ensure your transition into learning about the world of investment and the subsequent learning process is a smooth one. By growing your knowledge, it can help you improve your decision making process and make smart choices in accordance with the latest techniques being taught by our seasoned experts. Sign up with Immediate Genesis today and find the right guidance for your journey to financial literacy.

Setting you on the path of financial education

Immediate Genesis is a website that connects people who want to learn about investments with experts in the same field. With Altrix leading the way, you are sure to increase your knowledge about economic principles and financial lingo.

Stimulate Your Curiosity

Choose Immediate Genesis

Looking for the right financial education but don’t know where to start? Fret not. With Immediate Revolution 360 helping you along the way, you are sure to find the best investment education. We act as a bridge that seamlessly connects prospective learners with the right education firms and curricula tailor made for you. The process is quick and easy to use. Choose Immediate Genesis and start learning today.

Streamlining the Pathway Into the World of Investments

Easy Registration

  • Registration is quick and free of charge.
  • There are multiple language options to choose from.
  • Atrix Edge makes the process of entering into the world of investment learning seamless and easy. No more sifting through endless information looking for the right investment education firm.

Enter Into the World of Investment

Diversify and Deepen your Knowledge

  • Learn about investment and the language of finance.
  • Improve your knowledge and formulate decisions based on investment principles.
  • With our top notch partners, you are rest assured to receive adequate investment education.

Quick Registration Process

Sign Up

Access the registration form and input your contact information - name, email and phone number in the form available on the main page. Be sure that the details you provided are accurate. Immediate Revolution 360 will do the rest by connecting you with experts and learning institutions. The sign up process is quick, easy and completely free. This step is your first step into the world of investments.

Link Up With Experts

After signing up, Immediate Genesis will find the most suitable option for you to help facilitate and begin your learning process. You will be matched with an investment learning firm and will receive a phone call within minutes from one of their representatives.

Start Learning

Talk to the representative and find out if what they offer is what you seek. Explain your needs and budget and get the proper assistance you deserve. No need fumbling in the dark anymore as the knowledge you seek is now at your fingertips. Start learning today!

Check Your Entry

Be sure to look over the contact details you input before submitting. Filling the wrong information will make it hard or almost impossible for us to reach out to you. Kindly double-check and take note.

Why You Should Learn About Investments

In today’s world, it is pertinent to learn more about investments. With the growing complexity of financial systems and the interconnectedness of markets, knowledge about the world of investments has never been more crucial. Gaining knowledge is essential if you wish to spot opportunities and make crucial decisions on the state of your finances.

Understanding Financial Principles and Lexicon

The world of finance and investments play by certain principles and it is crucial to have a firm grasp of these principles. This allows you to understand how the game is played and understand how to value different types of assets.

Developing a Viable Strategy

You need a plan and viable strategy, everyone needs one. By improving your knowledge, and balancing risk, you can come up with an investment plan that best suits your financial goals. Also, spotting opportunities and gaining clarity on which assets might perform better would become easier.

Finding Your Niche

The world of investment education is broad and finding what topics are best suited to you can be quite the learning experience. There are so many interesting areas to choose from. Start learning today and find your niche.

Investment Education Institutions

Investment education firms that specialize in the dissemination and propagation of investment education. They are experts on everything investments generally and they have other roles that are not strictly streamlined to the learning process alone. These firms provide knowledge to the uninitiated novice on the world of investments. With a well structured curriculum and a plethora of courses, they offer guidance on understanding financial principles and economic jargon. From real estate to cryptocurrency, their arsenal of resources are vast and consequently, they empower individuals in making the right choices pertaining to fiscal and pecuniary matters. Learning from these institutions is one of the surest and fastest ways of improving your business acumen and wisdom when it comes to matters in the financial sphere.

Core Roles of an Investment Education Institution

Aside from educating, these institutions provide various services. Many of the services are still within the scope of investing and are relevant. These functions may vary from firm to firm but there are still some areas of overlap. In this section, we discuss the core roles which these firms perform.

Customized Learning Experience

Different firms have different approaches to teaching and learning. Each investment education institution tailors its curricula to cater to individual needs of individuals learning from them. They have a plethora of online resources to choose from depending on the needs of the student. These firms provide videos, and reading materials from which knowledge becomes easily accessible.

Host Seminars and Educational Workshops

These firms hold seminars and educational workshops on how best to navigate the nebulous waters of the financial world with poise. They help to serve the two fold functions of increasing knowledge while also facilitating collaborations and meetings amongst people with a shared interest in investing.

Recognizing Market Dynamics

The financial market is constantly moving up and down and ever changing. Carrying out a deep dive into market analysis can help you understand investment principles and how different factors can affect the market. Doing this can help in investing, and spotting opportunities that may arise in the future. One can easily chart which course of action to take after recognizing and understanding market movements.

Portfolio Management

For clients with deep pockets and a big budget, these financial education firms may take over actively managing and diversifying the portfolio of the said client for a fee. They may invest in funds and other such opportunities on behalf of the client. Limiting exposure and risk while maximizing profits, these firms could help in managing the economic outcomes of their clients.

Brief history on Investments

Investing has never been easier than it is today especially with the advances made in technology, giving investors far more choice. Investing is just a click away on your mobile devices or computer screens. However, the basics have been around for centuries. One can trace the modern investment structure back to the 1600, with the opening of the first stock market – The Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 1602. It was created by the Dutch East India Company to issue shares. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange, much like the stock markets that exist today, serves the same basic function, connecting potential investors with investment opportunities and providing businesses with capital investments. Likewise, the New York Stock Exchange was set up in 1792 and the London Exchange in 1801. In order for the public to track performance of stocks and their prices, indexes were created some odd 150 years ago.

What is Investment Education

Investment education is the process of learning about various investment opportunities, strategies and risks in order to help make smart decisions about how to invest your money and reach your financial goals. Investment education is important in today’s ever changing financial landscape. To have investment education is to be empowered. Whether you are a complete novice or you are experienced, there is always something new to learn. Investment education covers many topics from various types of assets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds to how they work. It teaches risk analysis and diversification of portfolio. Themes such as alternative investments, foreign investing and socially responsible investment are not left out. Investment strategies are also covered under investment education. Whether discussing how to carry out fundamental analysis which involves evaluating a company’s financial health, competitive position and market conditions in order to gauge its intrinsic value or technical analysis, which involves more of evaluating and checking historical price movements and trading volume in order to be able to find patterns which may predict future behavior. Technical analysis is particularly useful for online trading and many more. Other terms like passive investing, active investing and dollar cost averaging may come up in the process of investment education. It is a very broad area of learning that requires dedication to learn.

What Causes Stock Market Crash

A stock market crash occurs when economic events combine with crowd mentality and widespread panic and generate a positive feedback loop where investors selling shares causes more investors to sell, which therefore drives down the prices of these shares. Usually, crashes occur after a prolonged bull market (rising stock prices) and excessiveness in the market where price earnings ratios far exceed long term averages.

The generally agreed upon definition for a stock market crash is when the stock market index decreases by 10% over a short period (days).

Six Popular Types of Investment Assets


These are investments that grant the holder equity or ownership in a company, firm or business venture. Such a person or entity is now known as a shareholder and should expect regular dividends if the shares yield profit. Shares are volatile and prone to affectations by market forces.


Bonds are issued by businesses or governments when they want to raise capital. By buying a bond, you are giving out a loan with the agreement that interest payments will be paid regularly, usually twice a year by the issuer of the bond till maturation date. When the bond matures, your loan is returned to you. Bonds that are higher quality offer low interest rates and are more likely to be paid on time.


These are digital currencies like bitcoin or ethereum which are not regulated by a central authority but instead run a decentralized system. They are designed to work as medium of exchange through a computer network, eliminating intermediaries like banks.


A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other goods of the same type. Commodity usually refers to raw materials used to manufacture finished goods or products.

Real Estate

The term real estate refers to any permanent structures such as buildings, or other man-made or natural improvements that may have been made to the land. Real estate can be divided into five categories; residential, industrial, commercial, raw land and special use.


Forex or FX is a global electronic marketplace for the trading of international currencies and currency derivatives. The Forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world. Trillions of dollars are traded everyday through banks, brokers and financial institutions alike.


In conclusion, we can see the importance of investment education, in particular relation to today’s ever changing economic and financial climate. Finding the right firm to teach you investment principles, market analysis and all other financial lingo need not be so prohibitive. With Altrix at your side, you will get the education you deserve. Get started with Immediate Genesis and let us connect you to reputable experts in the world of investments and start learning today.


Is Immediate Genesis Available for Free?

Yes, you can use Immediate Genesis for free. There is no registration fee and there are no hidden costs. Immediate Genesis is free and open to all those who seek to attain financial enlightenment.

Does Immediate Genesis Teach Investing?

Investments are not taught at Immediate Genesis as it is not a school. This website only connects those who are interested in the world of investments with the appropriate investment education firm

Is Immediate Genesis Easy to Use?

Immediate Genesis is user friendly and simple to operate. The website is intended to make the registration and matching procedure as simple as possible.

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